A Guide to These Paper Lungs…

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I have decided to divide this blog into parts.

In Prose you’ll find anything that is not in stanzas. There might be short stories, really short writing pieces, or just reflection pieces that it simply did not feel right to put in a poem format.

Poetry is where you’ll find most of my heart. I write more poetry than anything else so this section (I hope) will be packed with writing.

Fragments can be described as “chapters” inside my head. They are different than prose because they are from a specific notebook that only has anecdotes and memories. This whole category is very much like a journal, so, if that’s your thing, I think you’ll enjoy it.

All of it won’t be good. Most of it won’t be good… But at this point, if I thought I was a great writer, I would be pursuing writing wholeheartedly knowing I could make a living from it. And I’m not.

Luckily this isn’t about good or bad or writing to impress the rest of the world. We’re all new here, even if we’ve been writing or living (which, for me, is one and the same) for 80 years. Every time we encounter a poem, it’s new to us and we are new to it. We grace through it, approach it with caution or dive into the meaning. Prick our fingers with the sharp edges. Because, on the 136th time we read it, there will still be pieces we have yet to embrace.

The goal here is for you, the reader, to connect with writing, to knock down the walls, and run towards something that makes you feel alive. Time and time again. This is my hope.

I am just a girl with a trembling voice, plenty of sadness, anger, ambition, and 20 years of chasing that feeling of feeling less alone. I have so much to say and an endless world to write about.

I hope you do too.

After all, everyone here has years of living, and decades of wondrously shaking hands with poetry. Everyone here has undying, heavy, beautiful, breathtaking paper lungs. Don’t waste them. Be brave.

And Welcome Home!

-Rosie Tiza

Author of Paperlungs.com


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