I am still learning how to live in this life.

What my role is or if I even have one.

How to kiss madness and all ugly things

good morning

How to kiss men goodbye

How to sail into their sorrow

when they have nothing more to say


How to build paper lungs

to write all the poetry

my mouth cannot contain


How to know the difference



and needing


How to know everything I’ve ever needed

lies in my very existence.

The difference between

A storm and soft rain

And the kind of mess

they each leave by the sidewalk

How to stick thorns in the mouths of men

who mispronounce my name


How to leave the petals for the ones that don’t



I am learning the ways of my body

At times it cries the deepest rivers

Chooses to shed its skin

Author: rosietiza

I am the Creator and Author for the website! I write poetry and and have been since I was about 7 which is also around the time that I immigrated from Cuba to the US. It's hard to tell what I write about specifically, but I love it!

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