Fifth Ave and Frontal Lobe St.

The city that never sleeps”

Can be used to describe two beautiful, wonder filled

things I know:

New York City and my brain.

The cars never stop honking,

the people never stop shouting

in this city.

The city that never sleeps has

artists and musicians,


and lovers, on every corner.

It teaches you how to pause,

how to catch the next train to your new idea.


It is where a five-year-old looks up to billboards

And gazes at a smiling woman

On a January afternoon and learns

about the role of kissing on a February morning

There is always something to discover in this city.


Life doesn’t exhale on these streets

It is a graceful, unchoreographed exchange of thoughts

The cabs keep driving,

even at 3 in the morning.

From the tallest building to the silent burrows

when every city has been tucked in

these unreached dreams, like flickering lights, remain.

They keep their palms open


ready to unwrap the next day

Author: rosietiza

I am the Creator and Author for the website! I write poetry and and have been since I was about 7 which is also around the time that I immigrated from Cuba to the US. It's hard to tell what I write about specifically, but I love it!

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