Heart Beats

There is this thing that happens

when you’re out of words to say.

As you wave goodbye,

and turn the car on,

the moment

opens up its arms

and wraps you


and you just cry. Violently


Underneath the moon,

or at a 24 hour bakery,

or at an intersection

while you wait for the light to turn



But you cry as if your body knows

no other function.

You cry like you did the first day of

your life.

Not out of sadness,

as a reminder you’re alive.


And for a few seconds, the wind

And the night

And the music from the car next to you

All sound like a heartbeat


Maybe that’s what happens


you’ve forgotten the sound

of your own

Author: rosietiza

I am the Creator and Author for the website Paperlungs.com! I write poetry and and have been since I was about 7 which is also around the time that I immigrated from Cuba to the US. It's hard to tell what I write about specifically, but I love it!

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